MobiSave FAQ

Where can I shop with MobiSave?

You can shop anywhere that can provide an itemized cash register receipt listing each item name in English. The stores must be located within the 50 states, territories and military bases.

Can I select offers after I shop?

No, offers may be selected up until the moment that you check out but not after purchase.

How do I know if my MobiSave submission matched all my purchased selections?

Go to My Submissions to see the status of all your receipts.

How long will my offer selections remain in my cart?

Offers are valid for 7 days after selection. The time remaining is displayed in the saved offer view which is accessed by clicking the Shopping Cart icon or Saved tab.

How long can I wait to submit a receipt?

The sooner the better but submission must occur before the offer expires. When the countdown timer reaches zero the offer disappears from your saved offers and can no longer be redeemed.

When are new offers added?

New offers can appear at anytime, that’s why it is important to visit the app regularly.

Can I submit multiple receipts at one time?

No, each receipt must be submitted separately.

I lost my sales receipt.

Manufacturers require MobiSave to provide proof of purchase for all redemptions. For this reason we cannot provide payment for lost receipts.

Can I submit receipts from on-line shopping sites?

Yes, for purchases made online you may submit snaps of an itemized register receipt, itemized shipping confirmation or itemized packing slip. We will not accept a snap of the invoice or purchase confirmation received at time of order.

I don’t have a PayPal account.

No worries, after your first receipt is submitted PayPal will guide you through their easy account set up.

Can I use my MobiSave account across multiple devices?

You can log into your MobiSave account on any supported device but the saved items in "MY Offers" will only appear on the device where they were saved. This ensures that the app will continue to work while off-line. Even if you are shopping in a store and have no wireless or Wi-Fi connection you can continue to save items as you shop. All other functions like reviewing your submissions or previewing offers will work across devices.

How fast will I be paid?

After submitting a receipt, you can visit My Submissions to see the status of your submission. Matched offers are paid immediately after validation is complete.